Bank to the Future

New VAT Rules for Construction

I was intrigued when I heard there was an event being held entitled “Bank to The Future” as I thought there might be some reference to McFly and hovering skate boards. So I ventured to Marble Arch this morning to be met by a young man, well he must be young as he did not have any grey hair and looked very awake at 8 o’clock, who gave an excellent presentation and confirmed my suspicions that crowd funding or peer to peer lending is here to stay and is growing at a rapid rate. He explained that the traditional banks only lend 8% of their total lending facilities to SME businesses which explains why the economic growth has stagnated when the banks do not want to take the unnecessary risk and how the whole banking infrastructure is flawed. Angel investment in the past has only been really available to wealthy individuals but now you can invest as little as £10 into a business and if the business is approved under the SEIS scheme you will get £5 back from HMRC. So if you are a business looking for finance to start or grow your business I would suggest your first port of call would be and put together an impressive pitch for your business as you never know this could be that lucky moment in your entrepreneurial life where investors also believe in your passion for your business. As I strongly believe this is the means by which a lot of businesses will be funded in the future we are holding a seminar on Thursday 13th. June at 5.20pm on the topic of crowd funding with speakers from Funding Circle and Seedrs. If you would like to attend please email me your interest at