Why Admin Are The Backbone Of Our Business

Why Admin Are The Backbone Of Our Business. 

Within any business, it’s easy to see certain departments as providing more value than others, and often it’s the departments that provide a business with measurable results, for example – sales – that are seen to be providing the most value.  

One department that can oven be undervalued is admin. In our eyes, the admin department is the core of any business, large or small. They should be the link between every department in your company and they ensure all important information is communicated properly across the company.  

Here are 10 reasons you should celebrate your admin team: 

1. Problem Solving  

One of the main traits of being a good admin assistant is having the ability to solve problems and keep the office running smoothly. Our admin team do this on a day to day basis without batting an eyelid. From double booked meeting rooms to streamlining outdated processes our admin team’s ability to problem solve is indispensable.  


2. Maintaining Positive Relationships

Based within our admin department we have our Onboarding Co-Ordinator, Jeannette Di Toro. Onboarding is a fantastic opportunity to prove to new clients that they’ve made an excellent decision.  Jeannette has a friendly and efficient approach which starts the relationship on a productive, positive and engaging footing which results in a better working relationship.  


3. Social Awareness

Our admin team are often the first point of contact for our clients, therefore, it is vital that they are able to read a client’s tone of voice or body language. Being able to do this could be the difference between defusing a situation or adding fuel to the fire. Good manners and Etiquette are so important and something our admin team have in abundance. 


4. Hub of knowledge 

In another branch of our admin team we have our Company Secretarial Ladies, Andrea and Chloe. They must process large amounts of information and maintain an incredibly strong attention to detail whilst doing so.  


5. Multitasking 

Working within the admin department it is important to be a jack-of-all- trades. This is especially true for our admin manager, Leanne. Multitasking is key across the board in admin but for Leanne it is even more so, we have a fairly large admin team comprising of 9 people. Therefore, it is important for Leanne be on point in order to meet her own task deadlines as well as support the team and anticipate any future issues the department may be heading towards. Leanne is resourceful in her ability to think on her feet and come up with solutions to problems all whilst ensuring the smooth running of the department. 


6. Tech Savviness

These days admin assistants are expected to be proficient in new software platforms and apps. Here at Raffingers we rely on Jemma and Karen, to bring us up to speed with the latest admin related software’s. Both of these brilliant women have a knack of picking up how new programmes work and how to utilise the software for our departments benefit, putting together new processes with the input of other team members and creating something that is less time consuming to maximise the teams efficiency.   


7. Meticulous Organisation

This one may seem a no brainer, admin work and organisation go hand in hand right? True, but not everyone is great at being organised. You have those whose desks are “organised chaos” and then those who would notice a paperclip out of place, it’s whatever works for you. One member of our admin team, Seema has organisation skills that are really impressive. Seema has a very methodical approach to her work which means she is excellent at meeting deadlines.  


8. Productivity

We often have endless to do lists in admin which is why being able to prioritise is so important. The ability to differentiate between “critical time sensitive tasks” and “tasks that can wait” showcases good judgement. The newest member of our admin team is, Kaitlyn, our admin apprentice. Kaitlyn has been a brilliant addition to the team, she picks things up super quick and has boosted the work output within our department. This has given the team better focus to pay closer attention to detail and look at ways of making improvements, boosting productivity in the business as a whole.


9. First Impressions

Within our admin team is our receptionist – Sharron. Sharron is often the first person that our clients interact with when they visit or call our organisation, and she is essentially the voice and face of Raffingers. Sharron is both personable and judicious in her role and maintains a positive attitude that leaves a lasting impression on clients and always makes people visiting us feel welcome.  


10. Providing Structure

Our admin team provide our business with structure so that we can perform like well-oiled machines and focus time and energy on productive tasks. Always thinking about the bigger picture, the admin department help us to turn ideas into a functional reality.  


If the above sounds like you, contact our Recruitment Team at Samantha.khan@raffingers.co.uk