77% of employees are considering change in 2015

Business Survival

2015 is looking bright for recruitment agencies with three in four employees expecting a role change this year. According to ADP’s ‘The Workforce View in 2014/15’ report employee optimism is up, with more employees striving for that work-life balance and how their employers can help them achieve it. An amazing 77% of workers are now confident about their future prospects. With this improved optimism 35% of employees feel that career opportunities are growing and 30.4% put flexibility as their key motivating factor. (in contrast to Directors who rank ‘praise and recognition’ as the key motivating factor for their employees).

However, on the downside, half of employees consider talent shortages as a key threat to their organisation seeing a need for fresh, trained talent in their workforce.
The figures from ADP’s latest report suggest that recruitment agencies are in store for another promising year with more employees considering a role change. However, they too may struggle to fill the talent shortages.

‘The Workforce View in 2014/15’ report is produced annually by ADP, the world’s leading provider of Human Capital Management solutions, ’to capture the mood, views and experiences of employees and employers across the country.’ Read the full report here.
*ADP, The Workforce View in 2014/15 http://www.adp.co.uk/workforceview