10k for Ten: Fresh Office Space Design for your Charity

Fresh Office Space Design for your Charity

At Raffingers we don’t see ourselves as just a set of accountants, but more like business advisors for our clients. In addition to keeping up-to-date with important legislation changes and tax saving schemes, we also keep a look-out for what programmes, technology and events may be useful. Particularly with our charity and not-for-profit clients, we try to recommend grant schemes, discounted technology and freebies that could be of great benefit.

In our previous articles, we highlighted multiple recurring themes for charities and not-for-profits. Working with our own clients and seeing the need within the sector we’ve noticed that one theme was the lack of digital skillset. Through our own digging and research, we discovered the “48 in 48” initiative which was an organisation whose aim was to help 48 charities to build 48 websites within 48 hours. Another theme was the lack of funds available for charities to act on their mission, so we suggested applying for funding from Comic Relief where charities could receive up to £500,000 for their cause.

More recently in the third sector, new research has shown that charities struggle to get property funding and that managing a property has almost become a hindrance. Although a lot of the research from Charity Property Matters mostly highlighted property being a risk for charities, there were also some worries that a lack of funding meant charities couldn’t work on improvements for their current properties. Lack of funding for improvements means workers may not always work in the best of conditions and this can ultimately affect the charity’s work.

We’ve come across a great initiative online from Burtt-Jones & Brewer that guarantees to freshen up your office space and make it a great place to work. The workplace design consultancy company has just turned 10-years old and is offering £10,000 worth of its time for free to a lucky charity. This initiative is great for any charity looking to improve collaboration within the organisation, increase productivity and learn about how biophilic design can help address mental health issues within the workplace.

To make things even better, Sapio Research has joined in and decided to offer £2,000 worth of insight consultancy to celebrate their second birthday. The Henigan Consulting Group has also turned one-years old and will be collaborating with the other two companies to offer £1,000 worth of consultancy services. So that’s a total of £13,000 available to one charity to improve their workspace and also benefit from consultancy to help run their organisation better.

To be eligible for the competition, you must be a small to medium sized charity with over 40 full-time staff members; you will also need to be located within Greater London and on the TFL London under or overground network. Your charity should also be open and willing to explore new work habits. The companies will also publicise the work undertaken on social media.

If your charity or not-for-profit is interested in participating in the competition, you will need to take the following steps:

  • Follow the companies and tag them on Twitter in your response: @honestdesign, @sapioresearch and @henigancg
  • Use the hashtag #10kforten on Twitter
  • Express your interest before the deadline – 29 November 2018

To find out more detail about the competition, you can check Burtt-Jones & Brewer’s post here. Best of luck!

If you have any questions about anything mentioned in the article, do not hesitate to contact me on suda.ratnam@raffingers.co.uk or 020 3146 1608. I am also on LinkedIn if you wish to connect.

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